Hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain

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Offer in hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain

Hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain   Offer in hunting Cantabrian chamois in Spain. Chamois stalking in Spain.   Chamois hunting in Spain. Our chamois are hunted in Leon, Spain, in spaces which are very neer to the Riaño’s hunting reserve, which is... read more



Hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain is an exclusive and very interesting hunting destination which not only offers an exciting hunting modality talking about high mountain hunt, but also a fantastic scenery and hunting tradition that stretch back for centuries.


This trophy is quite a challenge for sportsmen who love mountain hunting.



Rececho de rebeco



Hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain requires to know perfectly the animal you are going to hunt. The Chamois has a very distinctive appearance, in summer it’s coat is light brown, while in winter it’s coat becomes very dark and thick. It’s more characteristic feature are the black and white markings on it’s head, together with the horns that both sexes have.


The Spanish Chamois is classified as a separate specie from the other European Chamois. Hunting Cantabrian chamois in Spain is done in Leon province, 4 hours drive north of Madrid, near to Riaño’s hunting reserve.


Hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain requires a good physical condition from the hunter, as well as a good prowess with weapons. Shots will be done withing a distance of 200 metres due to the astuteness of this specie.


If you want to live an unforgettable hunting experience, come to hunt the Cantabrian Chamois with us and enjoy seeing the high quantity and quality of these individuals in our hunting states.


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