Hunting Wild Boar in Spain

Hunting medal Wild Boars in France

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Offer in hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain

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Hunting wild boar in Spain can be done in two different ways, by stalking or awaiting. We have different open hunting grounds in which both modalities can be put into practice, always guaranteeing the expected results. Both modalities can be combined without any problem, trying both of them the same day is the hunter wants.


We are hunting wild boar since long time ago, satisfying the hunters’ desires who were wasting their time and money when going hunting until they started hunting with us.



Rececho de jabalí con buena boca



We hunt wild boars in hunting estates where there is a large amount of animals which allow us to take down more than one wild boar per night. Fun is guaranteed!


Hunting wild boar in Spain can also be done in closed hunting estates where spectacular trophies are taken down with maximun success guarantees.


According to the hunter’s needs and desires, a hunting estate is going to be chosen in order to make his/her dreams come true.

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