Hunting Brown Bear in Romania.


Hunting Brown Bear in Romania offers the hunter, who decide to hunt brown bear in Romania with us. the best hunting estates regarding quality. The average number of bears we hunt is beyond 450 CIC points. 

Bears are fatten up in Romania’s forests. Depending on the hunter’s needs, we hunt on one place or another. Hunting brown bear is done in one of the best areas, taking down bears with more than 500 CIC points.

Brown bear’s quantity is quit high, what alows us to see more than one bear per night and choose the best one.

We offer 100% guarantees, considering that there is a thorough preparation during some months before the hunting is done. The guards  control meticulously the animals attatchments, their sizes… in order to select the bear before the hunter comes.





Cazar un oso en Rumanía,.,


How is it hunted.


Brown Bear’s hunt is done by nightime awaiting, occasionally they come by day. Huts are accomodated in order no to get cold neither uncomfortable. The shot distance is about 30-40 metres. If the shot is failed or in case you want to take down another bear, we have more huts and troughs in order to ensure the hunting success. 

Before starting hunting, all the instructions are going to be given to the hunter in order to make the hunting experience easier. Huts are going to be shown to the hunter and an explanation about how the hunt is going to be will be given. What is more, we are going to try the rifle. If the hunter wants to travel without firearms, we are going to facilitate ours in Romania.

The hunter will enjoy hunting in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere without any pressure.

We will have more than one day to hunt brown bear. Although usually no more than two night are necessaries, we will book three or four hunting days.



Cazar un oso en Rumanía




The lodging is situated just a few kilometres from the hunting estate. It is a hotel or cottage with high quality accommodation.


Alternative hunting.


If the hunter wants, in the same travel, after hunting brown bear, we can go to Hungría in order to hunt roe deers, wild boars, fallow deers, mouflon sheeps… (depending on the date) and also in Romania we can hunt chamois, wolves…


We hunt with contract.


Every agreement between the hunter and our company, will be signed in contract in order to a higher guarantee.

Our team will go with the hunter since the leaving in the Spanish airport until the return to it. Or if the hunter wants, we can take him/her from the Romanian airport.



Cazar un oso en Rumanía,


Come to hunt a brown bear with us. Consult the prices and conditios, we will advise you.


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