Hunting Chamois in the Carpatos, Romania.


Hunting chamois in the Carpatos, Romania, is one of the hunts that high-mountain’s hunters should practice at least one in his/her life. The Carpatos is a mountain range with 1600km long and 150km width, which makes it the second largest mountain range in Europe, where the chamois finds his perfect habitat.

The hunting estate in which we hunt the chamois has a high quantity of these animals as well as a high quality of trophies. That idea is supported by the fact that the average number of chamoises we hunt are at least, high bronze or silver medal, taking always down medal chamoises.


In order to hunt chamois in the Carpatos, Romania, a good physical condition is required because it is a high-mountain hunt and we will have to walk long hours in order to take down a fine chamois.


The hunt starts by climbing up hills at sunrise. The hunting is physically demanding, but the tempo is kept within the capabilities of the individual hunter. many pauses occur quite naturally as you stop to scan the hillside for animals. Many hunters visiting here manage to bag their chamois on the first day, so it is quite possible to hunt for additional chamois on the same trip.


The hunt starts as you climb up through the large areas of forest, then continues higher up above the tree line all the way to the mountain’s tops.


We can hunt in group of maximun 3-4 hunters, each one with its guide.


We recommend at least 3 hunting days, although usually we do not use more than 2.


Hunting Chamois in the Carpatos, Romania, hooked any real high-mountain’s hunter. 


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