Chamois stalking in the Romanian Carpathians. Hunting chamois in the Romanian Carpathians.


3 hunting days/ 4 nights with an approvable chamois without points limit. Group of 3 hunters.


The best date for chamois hunting goes from the 10th of octuber to the 10th of november. During that perior, they are in heat so better trophies could be hunted. There is a 100% guarantee to hunt a medal chamois because we have a high quantity and quality of animals in our hunting estate.

The hunter needs to have a good physical condition because he/she is going to be walking around 2-3 hours until the top of the mountain, where more than one opportunity to take down a medal chamois will be possible.

We offer full board accomodatione in a rural hotel near the hunting estate.

This hunting could be combined with fallow deer or wild boar hunting in Hungary.




The programme includes

It is included:

•Full board accommodation.

•An interpreter per group.

•Approvable chamois without points limit.

•Personalized assistance with an specialised hunting guide.

•Transportation from Sibiu.

•Receipt in the hunting estate, documentation’s control and permissions.

•Transportations during the hunting.

The programme does NOT include

It is not included:


•Hunting an additional chamois: 2.100€

•Companion: 390€.

•Plane tickets.

•Gun rent: 50€/day. (with a reasonable quantity of ammunition)

•Tips to the proffessional hunter and his/her team.


•Transportation from Bucarest: 150€/person.

•Transport from Hungary.

•Vet’s permission: 110€.

•Trophy’s first preparation: 75€.

•Injured chamois has to be paid as it was hunted.

•If there is no shooting opportunity, 1.500€ will be given to the hunter.

•Personal extras.

•-everything which is not included in the programme.

How to book

Books and payment:

•In order to book, the hunter has to get in contact with us so as to choose the date. After that, we will give him/her the account number in order to pay a part of the total quantity.

•The hunter has to pay 1.000€ per animal in order to book. The rest will be paid when the hunt finish. Until the 1.000€ per animals are paid, the hunting will not be booked.

•If the chamois is not hunted, 1.500€ will be given to the hunter.


Chamois stalking in the Romanian Carpathians


Rural lodging near the hunting place.


Sibiu’s airport pickup.

Transportations from Bucarest: 150€/person.

Transportation from Hungary: ask.


We manage them for you.



Big trophies are guaranteed.


Medium-high physical condition.


Shots at 250-300 metres long.

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