Hunting in Romania. Hunt in a hunting paradise.


Hunting in Romania, we have a varied offer to hunt in Romania. You can hunt wild boars by awaiting or driving and totally guaranteed bears. In romania we can find completely natural and wild hunt. Romania gives you unforgettable moments during your hunting experiences, especially if you hunt the greatest predator: The Brown Bear. Romania is an unique destination in which we can find a combination of plains, great forests and high mountain. For that reason, there is a whide hunting variety.


In order to hunt in Romania you need;


  • To be 18 years old.
  • To have firearms license in your country.
  • To have romanian hunting license, issued by the authorities. We will manage it for you.

Gun’s importation and exportation.


Romania belongs to the intercommunity market of gun’s importation and exportation, so you need to show the european firearms license and the guns to the customs authorities.


Rent a rifle or shotgun.


The easiest thing is to travel without firearms because we can provide you rifles and shotguns.propias.




We have high-quality hunting facilities in Romania. Food is cooked with hunting meat, it is great!  Our hunting estates have a high quality and quantity of animals. For that reason, hunting is guaranteed and assured.


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