Hunting Roe Deer in France

Hunting Roe Deer in France.


Hunting Roe Deer in France. Considering that in France the most important point is the hunt’s quality and the stalking action, we should not think that we can find the same roe deers than in central european’s countries. In France, roe deers have a average quality, wth horns of about 300 grammes although we can take down medal roe deers, about the 20% of the whole quantity.


The roe deer is a smaller deer which many hunters consider the most interesting specie to hunt in France. In that country, its territorial behaviour makes the roe deer stalking very exciting.


The south west of France has the most abundant roe deer populations.


Roe deers are mainly hunted by stalking or in some cases, by awaiting. This kind of hunt requires to go by foot enjoying nature.


Hunting roe deer will be done in a wavy estate in which it is easy to walk.


Hunting roe deer in France could be juggled with medal wild boar’s hunt.


During the same hunting day you can shoot 1-3 roe deers, depending on the season.


Hunting season takes place from the 1st of June to the end of August. Is recommended to hunt between the 15th of July to the 10th of August, which is the rut season.


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