Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain.


3 hunting days / 4 night, full board accommodation and a Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain without points limit included: 3.950€


Minimum 2 hunters.

Companion: 600€, sharing the room with the hunter.


Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain.


Southeastern Spanish Ibex is smaller and lighter in color than the Beceite and Gredos types, but larger and darker than the Ronda type. Southeastern male’s horns rise vertically and lean out and back in a simitar form with the tips inward, Although the keel is smooth, making horns grow proportionately with age (one ring per year), horn size and shape vary considerably from place to place.



Southeastern Ibex lives in groups in separate herds, one composed of females and young males and another composed of adults males. This last group only approaches the female one during the rutting season in November – December, when spectacular flights can be observed between adult males for group hierarchy.




Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the region of Andalucia, in the province of Granada and, a little further, Málaga and Almería in Spain. It contains the highest point of continental Spain, the third highest in Europe, after the Caucasus Mountains and the Alps, Mulhacén at 3,478m above sea level.


It is a popular tourist destination, as its high peaks make skiing possible in one of Europe’s most southerly ski resorts, in an area along the Mediterranean Sea, predominantly knows for its warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. At its foothills, is found the city of Granada and, a little further, Almería and Málaga.


This animal lives in rocky mountains between 1000-2200m, so a good physical condition is required.






You can taste and enjoy the traditional food of each hunting place.

Typical Andalucian dishes include “pescaito frito” (fried fish), gazpacho, salmorejo, oxtail, iberian ham, prepared olives… and various kinds of wine, including sherries whcih are undoubtedly the most exported and most widely available of all Spanish wines.

Frying in Andalucian cuisine is dominated by the use of olive oil that is produced in the Andalucian provinces. The foods are dredged in flour and then fried in a large quantity of hot olive oil.

With five coastal provinces, the consumption of fish and sellfish is rather high.

Andalucian desserts are heavily influenced by Arabic medieval Andalucian ciudine. Notable dishes nclude “pestiños” (a deep-fried pastry bathed in honey), alfajores, amarguillos (a form of almond macaroons), polvorones (almond cookies), lard bread, wine doughnuts, torrijas and calentitos.



We chose a high quality hotel in order to offer our customers the best options when they hunt with us. We are always trying to make them feel as in their homes, for that reason we take care of any single detail. Your comfort is our happiness.

The programme includes.

It is included:

•Full board accommodation.

•Hunting the specified animals.

•Personalized attention with a specialised hunting guide, including 3 hunting outings.

•An interpreter per group.

•Transportation from/to the airport from/to the hotel.

•Old the transports during the stay.

•First trophy’s preparation, hunting certificates, trophy’s documentation, seals…

The programme no includes.

It is not included:

•Plane tickets.

•Gun rent: 60€/day.

•Tips to the proffessional hunter and his/her team.


•Ammunition: 5€/bullet.

•Personal extras.

•Everything which is not included in the programme.


•Spanish VAT (21%)

How to book.

Reserves and payment:

•In order to reserve, the hunter has to get in contact with us in order to choose the date. After that, we will give him/her the account number in order to pay a quantity of the total price.

•In order to reserve, the 25% of the total price has to be earn, the rest will be paid when the hunt finish. Until the company does not receive the 25% of the money, the hunting will not be reserved.

We are members

We listen you from hunter to hunter.

0034 633 689 808


15th october from the 15th april. The best moment is in november-december. It is necessary to consult the dates.


Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain


Top quality accommodation ***


  • Alicante. Consult us other airport.



Hunting is done by stalking.


Medium physical condition is required.


Shoot at 150-180 meters.

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