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Professional Hunting Outfitters in Spain. J.J. GÓMEZ HUNTING is a company specialized in Hunting in Spain. Our company organises all kinds of tracking in Spain, as well as shootings and driven hunts for small parties. Our extensive experience in tracking makes our company the one which many hunters who want to come hunting in Spain, trust and choose as the best option.

We give our customers a very personal and friendly treatment, without forgetting that all our hunting experiences have a guaranteed success.

The hunting trips we offer are covered with all guarantees. We offer a very exclusive service at very high standards, always tailored to the needs of each hunter who may come to Spain with other members of the family to spend some holiday.

Look at our Hunting Offers in Spain.


We have all types of stalking to hunt in Spain, you just have to choose the trophy you want to get.

Hunting the ibex in Spain is one of our most requested offers, you can get the Ibex Grand Slam Award or Capra World Slam with our hunting programs in Spain.

We make you a personalized budget adapted to your needs.


We organize duck shoots and partridge drives for small groups.

Depending on the hunting season in which you want to come to hunt in Spain, we will offer you the different types of small game available.

Enjoy hunting bird in spain with guarantee of a professional team.


Hunting in Spain

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Our company has a wide experience in organizing hunts in Spain, either stalking, hunting, safaris, etc. We have been preparing the best hunting trips for many years, for all the clients who trust in us with a success rate of almost 100%. Trust in a serious and prepared team, ready to give the best to reach your hunting goals.

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Our company currently works with various international hunting destinations, which are Spain, Hungary, Romania, France, Turkey, Kirguizstán and África. Our international hunting destinations, are always strongly contrasted, we do not offer any place where we have not hunted and met us personally. Therefore, all the offers we offer to our clients and friends, of any destination or international or national hunting option, will always carry our guarantee seal.