Hunt in Europe

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International hunting. Our company works with several international hunting’s destinations which are Spain, Hungary, Romania, France, África and Kirguizstán. Our intenational hunting’s destinations are sharply contrasted, we do not offer any place in which we have not previously hunted neither known. For that reason, the guarantee’s seal is in all our offers.

Which is the best country for hunting in Europe?

It depends on what kind of experience are you looking for. Our destinations could offer amazing hunting journeys.

In our company’s policy we do not “send” any hunter to the adventure as other companies do offering estates which they do not personally know only hearsay and without knowing how their travel could end. In Spain problems are easily solved, but when you travel to an unknown country, those problems could be worst.

A hunt should be a memorable experience, so trust on us and we will reach that goal.

Our team goes with you during the whole hunting experience, in order to guarantee that everything goes according to what you booked with us. We do not conceive another way of hunting.

If you want to book any hunting travel, consult our budget without engagement, we will be glad to listen your needs and if we have what you want and need, all the details are going to be given and the contrat is going to be signed, so as you to have security and certainly that everything will be as we say. Our commitment is absolute!!


Driven Wild Board Hunting in Europe

Wild boar hunts have a special magic all of their own, and the wild boar itself is perhaps the hunter’s perfect quarry. It is challenging, demands respect, and can grow to an enormous size. Once you have first pitted yourself against wild boars, you will keep coming back for more.

Some of our hunting experiences are:

caza españa

Hunting in Spain

Hunting in Spain We offer you the possibility of hunting in Spain. We are specialists in stalking of all species ...

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caza hungria

Hunting in Hungary

We offer you the possibility of hunting in Hungary. Both big game and small game, depending on your needs...

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caza rumania

Hunting in Romania

We offer you the possibility of hunting in Romania. We hunt from big bears, to chamois ...

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hunting France

Hunting in France

We offer you the possibility of hunting in France, wild boar, roe deer and large deer ...

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hunting in Kirguizstan

Hunting in kirguizstan

It is a hunting expedition that leaves no indifference to any hunter ..

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Hunting in Turkey

Hunting in Turkey

We offer you the possibility of hunting in Turkey.

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Stalk specialists


We listen to your needs

We will help you and guide you when and how you can carry out each hunt, as well as adjust it to suit your needs, so that you meet your hunting objectives.


Our experience your guarantee

Your time is very important, for which we only offer those hunts that we have very contrasted and in which success is assured. We select the best hunting offers for you, depending on your needs. We offer what is truly feasible to bring down, never generating false expectations. As we say to our clients and friends, “The most expensive game is the one that does not kill itself, and the cheapest animals are on farms that do not exist”


Hunting signed by contract

All our stalking or hunts will be signed by contract, before starting to hunt. You can consult the General Conditions of the our hunts by clicking here, these are the ones that govern all our stalks unless the specific offer specifies otherwise. These rules must be accepted by any hunter who contracts with us and must be signed, before starting to hunt.



We do not sell hunting

Our company is not dedicated to sell hunting, but we are dedicated to advising hunters, the best hunting time, viability of the species to shoot, best hunting areas, dates, trophies, prices, pros and cons of each of the hunts …, we will not try to sell anything, but help you make decisions, so that the hunter himself decides with whom, when and how to hunt the desired species, we will not generate expectations that we can not meet in our hunts or stalking.