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About us.

A new way os understanding the hunt, utter professionalism and guaranteees.


We are a team of young people, very professional, pleasant… with us you will hunt as if you we with your best friend, without pressure and in an atmosphere of trust. Due to that facts, those hunters who hunt with us, end being our friends and sharing a lot of hunting experiences during the whole season.


Our first premise is to make those hunters who trust on us felt special, as if they were our friends, sharing lots of hunting experiences. If we get that premise, it will show that the hunter’s objectives are achieved.

about us


José Javier Gómez

Manager and professional hunter.

Santos Navarro Profesiional hunter

Santos Navarro

Professional hunter

We don’t waste your time neither our.

Because we do not sell hunt, we advise each hunter depending on his/her needs, adapting the hunt to he/she, always explaining the real possibilities of them. We know how valuable your time and money is, for that reason we are not going to make you loose it.

We do not generate expectations that we can not fulfill.

If we think that the hunt is not going to be a complete success, we will tell you before buying it, or with sufficient notice in order to give you the option to choose what you want to do. We live in one of the few countries where “is paid what is hunted” and we are not going to break that tradition, for that reason, we hunt with the maximun guarantees and qualities.

We are in our own way.


Our main objective is to offer the hunter days of hunting which are full of enjoyment and satisfaction. Taking into account that nowdays money has to be well managed and invested. As you know “the most expensive hunt is that which its not killed, and the cheepest animals are in those estates in which there is not any of them”.


We hunt in the best hunting estates of Spain, with the highest service’s level, adapting always the hunt to the hunter’s needs and conditions. Ask for budget without engagement, you will not regret!!.

Our services


Managing hunting farms

Our extensive experience in different fields, especially hunting, means that little by little we can help more owners and hunters, both in the leasing of hunting farms, as well as in the purchase and sale of them.



Renting huntings farms

The management of hunting farms is not easy, since there is not one like another, each one has its conditions, characteristics and needs. If you are an owner of some farm and want to exploit it in some way, we ask you to contact us, we will surely find a way to get a beneficial return for both and for the farm, if not, we would help you in what we could


There are already many owners who entrust us with the management of their hunting farm, we remove problems and provide solutions.


Lease of hunting farms, we have more than 50 hunting farms to rent, mainly in Castilla la Mancha, although there are some in other communities, each with its conditions and characteristics.



Purchase and sale of hunting farms

Purchase and sale of hunting farms, we have a large housing of hunting and / or recreation farms to buy and sell. We have the one that interests you !! Tell us what your needs are and we will make several proposals of the most interesting.


If you own an estate and want to sell or lease it, get in touch with us and we will study the different possibilities/p>

We do not publish the farms that we have available because they do not violate the confidentiality of the same and that of their owners, but we have some of the most interesting in terms of price and conditions. Ask us for information without commitment !!!