Ibex hunting in Spain

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We are specialist in the Spanish Ibex hunting, we got so many year and counting of experience hunting the Spanish Ibex in our homeland that we know the best hunting areas and all the environment that fix on each kind of hunter, to make a successful hunting, leave us guide you and help you to accomplish you dreams with totally guaranteed.


Gredos Ibex, Beceite Ibex, Ronda Ibex and Sierra Nevada or Southeaster Ibex.

We have a wide range of offers to hunt in Spain the four subspecies of Spanish Ibex; Gredos, Beceite, Ronda and Sierra Nevada Ibex. This makes us become a benchmark for hunters wishing to shoot down any of the Spanish Ibex with the best guarantees at affordable prices.



We differentiate for give a totally custom service, we will prepare all your documentation, we´ll pick you at the airport y we´ll leave you with your objectives more than accomplished.


We listen your wihes carefully and then we look for the hunting offer which fit better to your personality and desires. In addition, we plan the whole experience, including lodging, transport and every single courtesy which makes your stay unforgettable and unbeatable.


When you arrive to Spain, you will only have to forget about everything and be ready to enjoy the moment because we are going to work hard to make you live the best hunting experience you have ever lived. 


What is more, we can offer you other offers in order to hunt other species while you are in Spain. You only have to tell us the animal you dream with and we will make your dreams come true.


Also, if you want to travel with your family, we will take care that some one from our staff will accompany them for other activities like tourism, guides, shopping or everything they want.


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Hunting season in Spain

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Ibex hunt offers in Spain

If you prefer to get the Grand Slam Spanish Ibex with us, click on this image, we organize everything for you to fulfill your dream

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If you wants get the Award Capra World Slam with us, click on this image, we organize everything for hunting in Spain.

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