Hunting Fallow Deer in Spain




Hunting fallow deer in Spain is truly unique, it’s just something you need to do at least once in your life.


Stalking fallow deer in Spain takes place between September and February, being the rut an exciting time to hunt european fallow Deer. Its rut takes place in October and males bellow it, grunt and do a good deal of fighting as they gather harems. 



Rececho de gamo, cazar un gamo



You will be hunting fallow deer in Spain in an area which is known to hold amazing trophies caliber. What is more, you will have multiple shot opportunities daily. 


For the best trophies, European fallow deer should be hunted soon after the velvet is stripped, since tines are often broken off in fighting during the rut in October.


Regarding the trophies, stalking fallow deer in Spain with us gives you the opportunity to hunt a selective medal for an incredible price. 


We make bundles with selective fallow deers at an amazing price. Just consult us!!


Hunting fallow deer takes place in top quality areas with high quantity of individuals. For that reason, it is very likely to have several chances to shoot every day. In addition, we hunt in different hunting grounds around Spain so as to adapt the hunt to each hunter’s needs. 


Trust your luxury hunting trip in Spain to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA, we are going to give you exclusives days for stalking fallow deer in Spain.




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