Hunt in Hungary

Hunting in Hungary. Hunt in a hunting paradise.


Hunting in Hungary is one of the greatest privileges we can life as hunters. We can enjoy seeing a large quantity of animals with a good quality of trophies for the most demanding hunters.


In Hungary there is a good hunting paperwork due to the fact that they perfectly know the wealth is produces. For that reason, they devote a special attention to the countryside making it a natural and pure environment.


In the hunting campsite in Hungary, we can offer all the services you need. Hungary is a hunting paradise, a country in which hunt is well cared and respect.


You can combine hunting in Hungary with tourism in Budapest, so your family can come with you in order to share this beautifull experience.


In order to hunt in Hungary you need;


  • To be 18 years old.
  • To have firearms license in your country.
  • To have hungarian hunting license, issued by the authorities. We will manage it for you.


Gun’s importation and exportation.


Hungary belongs to the intercommunity market of gun’s importation and exportation, so you need to show the european firearms license and the guns to the customs authorities.


Rent a rifle or shotgun


The easiest thing is to travel without firearms because we can provide you rifles and shotguns.




We have high-quality hunting facilities in Hungary. They include jacuzzi, sauna, massages area… Food is based on typical dishes which are made with hunting meat.


All the hunting estates are near our accommodations, so we can organise all the activities from there. 


Hungary is one of the best adapted country to foreigners’ hunters and where you only pay the animal you take down.


The estates in which we hunt in Hungary have a high quality and also quantity. For that reason, hunts are totally guaranteed and assured.





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