Hunting in France

Hunting in France. Enjoy hunting wild boars, european roe deers, pyrinean chamois… in France


We hunt in our neighbouring country, in Toulouse (France).


It is a touristic place in which you can hunt accompanied by your friends or family. It is possible to combine wild boars’ hunting with pyrinean’s hunting.


If there is something worthwile which defines France, there are going to be the amazing wild boars we can find there. Great trophies for demanding hunters. You can hunt medal wild boars with total guarantees in France. 


The hunting estates in which we hunt, offer us a total number of wild boars with these characteristics. Those animals are hunted by stalking or awaiting. For that reason, you should book your hunt well in advance.


Wild boars can be hunted during the whole year. France is not the best destination on order to hunt european roe deers, but we hunt beautiful ones at low prices, being able to alternate hunting wild boars with european roe deers.


If there is something which differentiate us is that we always hunt at fixed prices and with guarantees. This country offers inexpensive prices in order to hunt european roe deers, but you have to pay a lot fot the hunting day. We do not work as them!


In order to hunt in Hungary you need;


• To be 18 years old.

• To have firearms license in your country.

• To have french hunting license, issued by the authorities. We will manage it for you.


Gun’s importation and exportation.


France belongs to the intercommunity market of gun’s importation and exportation, so you need to show the european firearms license and the guns to the custom authorities.



Trophies’ importation.

Trophies hunted in France can be taken by the hunter or sent by a transport agency to where the hunter wants.

Rent a rifle or shotgun.


The easiest thing is to travel without firearms because we can provide you rifles and shotguns.




We have high-quality facilities in France. All the bedrooms are suites and the house has sauna, swimming pool and recreation areas.



Hunting Chamois in France

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