Hunting offers in Kyrgyzstan.

Any high mountain hunter worth his salt can not miss the opportunity to hunt in Kyrgyzstan, either ibex or marco polo. It is a hunting expedition that leaves no indifference to any hunter and that creates a feeling with the natural environment of the area, which you will not forget in life.

Hunting is usually carried out on horseback and when you have located the possible animal to shoot we make the entrance on foot until putting us at an optimal distance.

In the areas that we carry out the hunts, there is a good density of animals, but above all a high quality, normally the hunt, even being of medium difficulty. High, it is assured in more than 90%, we have selected the best hunting areas for our hunters. Also depending on the conditions of each hunter, we will take you to one area or another, to make sure that the hunt is a success. It is not usually too much, since we help each other with the horses to get closer, and walking we only make tickets as much as possible.
Possible short, with which even being hunters that perhaps can not walk much, but to go on horseback, that part has solved. Despite what is thought and said, it is not a dangerous or complicated country at all, it is a topic of understanding and knowing how, when and where to move, everything is more than controlled.



We show you the best hunting offers in Kyrgyzstan that we have available.