Hunting Barbary sheep in Spain

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Hunting Aoudad Sheep in Spain. Hunt Barbary Sheep in Spain.

We are specialists in hunting Barbary Sheep, controlling the best areas in whcih this specie is hunted. In addition, Spain is one of the few places in the world where we can find this unique species which can be hunted in open areas.

Stalking barbary Sheep is a fantastic game, especially for collectors of goats and bighorns sheep.


Naturally, the hunting terrain offers hunting Barbary Sheep on a free game track spanning thousands of hectareas of rolling mountain sides. The hunt is a combination of driving four-wheel vehicles to observe the animals and long stretches of stalking in a diverse nature, offering low and thick vegetation with many small pine groves scattered across the mountainsides.


The hunt can be adapted to suit the individual hunter’s physical conditions prowess and desires.

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Offers for Barbary Sheep (Aoudad Sheep) in Spain.

Stalk specialists


We listen to your needs

We will help you and guide you when and how you can carry out each hunt, as well as adjust it to suit your needs, so that you meet your hunting objectives.


Sessions signed by contract

All our stalking or hunts will be signed by contract, before starting to hunt. You can consult the General Conditions for the stalking clicking here, these are the ones that govern all our stalks unless the specific offer specifies otherwise. These rules must be accepted by any hunter who contracts with us and must be signed, before starting to hunt.


We do not sell hunting

Our company is not dedicated to sell hunting, but we are dedicated to advising hunters, the best hunting time, viability of the species to shoot, best hunting areas, dates, trophies, prices, pros and cons of each of the hunts …, we will not try to sell anything, but help you make decisions, so that the hunter himself decides with whom, when and how to hunt the desired species, we will not generate expectations that we can not meet in our hunts or stalking.