You can make the reservation of your hunt without worrying about the covid situation, and if later hunting is not possible, or there were confinements, flight bans or any other reason why you could not attend the hunt for justified reasons … J.J. Gómez Caza, we will fully refund all the money transferred or the hunt will be reserved for you when you can do it, you will not lose absolutely anything.

Stipulations and conditions for the book’s hunting.


  1. Reserves and payments.
    1. Bookings can be done contacting with J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA or through your booking agent. In order to make the booking, the 50% of the total price have to be paid. The other 50% will be paid in cash just before starting hunting or making a transfer 15 days before the hunting.
    2. Hunts are only booked and confirmed when the 50% of the total price is paid. This deposit will be given just 15 days before closing the hunting dates and conditions. If that deposit is not made on time, dates could be given to another hunter and you will have to start your booking’s process again. 
    3. Every book made 90 days before the hunt can be accepted if it is available and the payment is done.
    4. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA is not going to give any ticket, coupon or document until the payment is done.
    5. When the reserve is done, the customer hold harmless to the operating company, the outfitter and its agents.


  1. Cancellations and refunds.
    1. Any booking cancellation has to be done in writing and it will only be effective when J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA receives its receipt. Cancellation’s cost are going to be applied under the following circumstances:  
  1. In the event of a cancellation, the customer is the responsible of paying the cost of the hunting licenses, insurances, licenses… which has his/her name.
  2. If a cancellation is made 90 days before the hunt starts, the customer is going to receive the whole quantity of the money except 1000€ per customer related to expenses.
  3. If the cancellation is made with less than 90 days of anticipation, the customer is going to lose the whole quantity of money. 
    1. If the customer does not come to the hunt, J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA has the right to cancel the reserve although the customer has not made any notice about that reservation, so he/her will lose the 100% of the money and also what paragraph 2.1 (a, b) says. In addition, any postpone to the next year is going to be decided by J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA.
    2. Any request form to modify a booking has to be done in writing. If J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA agrees with that change, it has the right to recover costs about administration, hotels, reserves… which have to be presented to the customer in writing and paid before 7 days. 
    3. Refunds are not made:
  • Due to the travel’s time or in order to change the areas, hunters, dates or camps.
  • For changed itineraries after the starting.
  • Abnormal events out of J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA’s control, which require a change in order to ensure safety, participation and hunting’s enjoyment.
  • If you do not come to any lodging, tourism or trip without notification to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA, or if you dropped the hunt after starting losing the lodging, programmed tourism and activities. 


  1. For your information: 
    1. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA works as an agent who is able to book hotels, airlines, buses companies, terrestrial transport, boat owners, providers and other independent contractors who provide lodging, transport or/and other services. Each one of these companies is an independent corporation and it is not controlled by J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA.
    2. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA accepts all the bookings which are previously explained. Transport, lodging and other services given by the onshore operators are hold to the stipulations and conditions of each company, so changes or other setbacks depend only on them not on J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA. 


  1. Risks: 
    1. Hunting activities are dangerous. The operating company, professional guide, outfitters and the whole team will apply the necessary steps in order to offer the greatest security to the customers, but they are not responsible of any accident, lost, illness or physical conditions which could be suffered during the hunting activity neither any cancellation or alteration due to climatological circumstances. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA will not accept any additional cost from the previous explained conditions. 
    2. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA informs you that there are some risks when talking about these kinds of travels and you accept all these risks when buying them, releasing our company of any responsibility.
    3. Is your responsibility to take all the medical advices before the hunting activity and also to see if you have the required physical condition for the travel you have booked. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA will not be responsible of any illness, injury or death during a programme sold by J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA. This company will only be the responsible of these setbacks if they are due to a gross negligence made by J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA. 


  1. Force majeure.
    1. “Force majeure” means, in relation with J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA, any reasonable circumstance out of J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA control (including god actions, explosion, floods, burns, war, sabotage, illness, government, climatological conditions or other adverse events). 
    2. If J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA is affected by a force majeure, the company could continue with the scheduled activity or not, being the responsible of any delay. 
    3. If J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA is affected by a force majeure, it has the right to modify or cancel any itinerary or agreement related to the travel. The devolution’s payment will be done if the company does not fulfil the treatments. 
    4. According to the civil unrests, J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA has the right to continue or cancel the travel. If J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA considers that the travel can continue, any reimbursement will be done to you. 


  1. Insurances: 

J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA recommends you to have the following insurances: 

– Accidental death and disability.

– Medical costs.

– Travel’s cancellation.



  1. Extra Charges.

Although J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA does not want to make any extra charge, it has the right to do it in the invoice amount if necessary. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA will tell you as soon as possible in writing any extra charge and you will have to pay it before 7 days after that notification. If the payment is not made, J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA can accept that as a reserve’s cancellation. 


  1. Importation permits and shipping of trophies.


The shipping of trophies could take from 3 to 6 months. The customer is responsible of obtaining the necessary importation permit in his country. If the payment is not done after 6 months, J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA will be its owner.



  1. Terms and conditions.

These stipulations and conditions regulate the relation between J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA and the customer. Any modification to these stipulations and conditions can be done by our employees or agents unless an authorized official makes it in writing. 


  1. Transport by land, sea or air.

The transport by land, sea or air is restrained to the terms and conditions of the company in which you travel, so J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA has not the control over them neither is the responsible of any problem with them. 


  1. Travel’s documents and vaccines. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that all the passports, travel’s licenses, visas, health certificates, vaccines, international driven license and other needed document are obtained and in force. It is also your responsibility to pay the additional costs in which your name appears as a result of any breach you have made. 


  1. Special requests.

You have to tell J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA in writing any special request, for example, diet or facilities, when you send your reserve to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA. If it is possible, J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA will make them possible.


  1. Information contained in the prospectus. 

All the information in J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA’s prospectus is right in the time of printing but J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA has the right to change it. The pictures and the information in the prospectus show typical scenes of the experience. What is more, the show detailed information of each destination, but that information and pictures could not be shown during your travel to that destination. 


  1. Photography. 

J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA has the right to use any photography or video took during the hunting activity by our company. When a customer gives personal pictures to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA, the company has the right to make use of them.


  1. Differences.

If you want to complaint during the travel, you have to say it immediately to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA in order to solve your complaint as soon as possible because when the hunt finishes we will not be able to do anything. 


  1. Consent.  

The bail’s payment or other partial payment of a booking constitutes the agreement of the terms and conditions in the prospectus of J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA and also the agreement of the prices. 


  1. Money paid to the booking agents. 

Your booking agent will send in your name the deposits and other payments to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA. Your booking agent does not have any responsibility in the money reception because it is not our bookings’ agent. Just immediately after receiving the payment, we will send a notification to your agent. 


  1. Booking conditions.

You always have to follow the instructions of J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA. Any customer is accepted if his/her mental state or physical condition is not the appropriate. What is more, J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA is not the responsible of any additional cost make by these customers. 


  1. Requirements. 

Please, remember: when you make a travel buying J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA services, you are accepting an agreement and all these terms and conditions.


  1. Responsibility of your reserves’ agent.

J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA is proud of its relationship with the reserves’ agents. In order to facilitate the booking process, your reserve’s agents will ask you for all the information needed to your booking. 


  1. Changes.

All the trophies and dairy fares as well as the terms and conditions can be modified. J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA is not the responsible of these changes and the customer accepts the possible increases of the trophies’ fares made by the hunting department.


  1. Things about the hunt. 
  • All the injured animals and not found have to be completely paid.
  • If the customer fails a shoot, he/she has to pay the fare. 
  • If the customer decides not to shoot to the animal that the guide tells him/her, he/she has to pay the complete fare.

Conditions accepted by the hunter when booking a hunt: 

  • The trophy’s measuring will be done in green on the hunting field. 
  • The hunter cannot take the trophy until the 100% of the payment is done.
  • The decisions adopted by the professional hunter cannot be changed by the hunter although he is the responsible of any damage which could be caused.
  • The hunter can only shoot the animal which the professional hunter says and always when he says. If the hunter shoots to another animal or in the wrong moment, not following the professional hunter’s instructions, he/she will have to pay the damages. 
  • Shoots with blood; if the hunter injured an animal, the hunt will be finished and they will look for that animal. 
  • Before the hunt starts, the hunter should revise his/her rifle and tried it. 
  • If the hunter has any disability or illness, he/she should tell it to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA.


  1. Spanish law. 

The parts submit to the Spanish Tribunals and more specifically, to the Tribunals of Jumilla (Murcia), with submission to the Spanish’s law.  In relation to the general terms and conditions of this contract, both sides guarantee the whole application of this agreement.