Driven Hunting in Spain

Driven hunting in Spain. Traditional Monteria.


Driven hunting is the oldest and most traditional Spanish hunting. In Spain, there are different types of driven huntings, but they are mostly for red deer and wild boar, although some times they are also for fallow deer or mouflon.


Regarding the organisation and developing of the dpanish driven hunting, it is the following one. All hunters gather up in the morning to have some traditional Spanish breakfast before being randomly assigned to a stand. The hunting ground is surrounded by hunters, who are in their stands distributed in different lines.


Once the hunters are ready, a herd of of around 200 dogs are let loose to frighten the game to where the hunters are located. Dogs and beaters will start moving throuh the bushes and forest toward the line of hunters until the end of the estate.


During 3 or 4 hours, tense and excitement is what all the hunters feel. Shots will be probably on the run since the animals are scared, trying to escape from the dogs. Hunters have to be ready to be surprised by wild boars or other animals, running towards their chased by all the dogs.


This way of hunting is  spectacle due to the beuty of the countryside, the secretaries, beaters, hounds and hound keepers…


When the hunt is over, everyone gets together again to share experiences while enjoying a delicious lunch and good wine. Driven huntings are that, inolvidable experiences.



We organise driven huntings mainly in order to hunt wild boar in albacete and Murcia. They are economics and with really good results. If you want to know the dates as well as all the information about our driven huntings, just send us an email at


Our team has more than a decade experience in driven huntings’ organization and we have organized more than a hundred driven huntings.





Next driven huntings

Driven hunting in Spain. 24th and 25th of November

Driven hunting in Spain. 24-25 November of 2018.   2 hunting days / 3 night, full board accommodation  2,350€ We are going to hunt with 20 hunters. 10 places left. EXPECTATION:  130-150 animals in two days. Minimum for this offer: group of 3...

Results of celebrated driven huntings. 

“El Pozo” driven hunting result (10th February, 2018)

  Hunters: 7   Dogs: 90   Number limit for harvested game: 2 male mouflons; 3 females muflons; no limit of wild boar, male deer and female deer.     Result: 92 animals: 52 wild boars, 17 male mouflons, 21 female mouflons y two female deers.                        ...

“La Loma” driven hunting result (Albacete)

"La Loma" driven hunting result (14/12/17), Albacete.     Hunters: 6     Number limit for harvested game: 2 males (red deer/mouflon) and females. Result: 8 red deers, 5 male mouflons, 5 female mouflons y 2 female red deers.                ...

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