Hunting Red Deer in Spain

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Hunting Red Deer in Spain offers you the opportunity to hunt one of the largest deer species.


So as to hunt Red Deer in Spain we should know something about it before the hunt starts. Talking about its appearance, on one hand, in winter its coat is rough and thick of a grey-brown colour and a darker yellowish rump patch. On the other hand, in summer, the coat is reddish-brown. Finally, it should be clear that only stags have a thick neck and carry antlers.
Red deer hunt in Spain is interesting due to the animal’s size and also due to its antlers, which are an incredible prize for the hunter.
Antlers start to grow in spring and are shed at the end of the winter. After that, they grow huge with rough surface and in case of the largest stags, the forurth or fifth tip form at the end a basket.


Hunting red deer in Spain can be done during different months, but in order to get the best animals its better to hunt during the rutting season when mature stags fight for control of harems. Rival stags challenge opponents by belling and walking side by side. If neither stag back down, a crash of antlers can occur, sometimes causing serious injuries. As it could be seen, this is surely the best and most beautifull moment to hunt red deer.

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