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Hunting Beceite Spanish Ibex

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Beceite Ibex hunting is one of the hunting trips that best represent Spain. What is more, the hunting areas are located in beautifull mountains, offering breathtakings views of Spain. We are Spanish Outfitter Specialized in Spanish Ibex Hunt.

Beceite Ibex in Spain

Dates: October to June (2 hunting days / 3 nights approx.)

Hunting zone: Beceite Mountains, Teruel, Aragón.

Airport recommend: Alicante or Valencia. Consult us other airport.

Hunting type: Hunting is done by stalking. Free range. | Medium physical condition | Shoot at 150-180m

Top quality acommodation: *** or ****

Consult us Beceite Ibex price

The Beceite Ibex hunting is one of the most amazing of Spain, since we can find one of the bigger trophies of the fourth kinds of ibex in Spain, is a place where we can guarantee that we could hunt trophy ibex from any category.

Beceite's mountains are a spectacular place with a calcareous nature and a humid climate which facilitate the growth of forests compound by pines, oak groves, holly, maple, yew and also a small population of beeches wich form the greatest beech forest in the Iberian peninsula.

Beceite Ibex Hunting

We offer you the possibility to hunt one of the most interesting subspecies of the Spanish Ibex, the Beceite Ibex, close to the Mediterranean see between Teruel, Barcelona and Valencia.

Beceite Ibex with long horns is abundant and the trophiess are impressive and they represent perfectly this kind of specie.

The hunting area is specially good, we already been hunting by many years, with a high successful rate of all the hunting’s, both the quantity of animals and the quality of the trophies make all our hunters always leave happy.

Beceite Ibex Hunt Map

Beceite ibex hunting in Spain map, hunting in Beceite ibex area, beceite ibex hunting area

Beceite Ibex Hunt

The hunting scenery is located about an hour from Valencia, and less than an hour and half, we have the possibility to hunt many other animals, near of the hunting area. Depending of the physical condition of the hunter, we’ll make the hunting in one zone or another to adapt it to each hunter.

We’ll sleep in a good rural hotel with all amenities, in the middle of the country, in which the service is absolutely good and the food that they make is typical from the area. Only good meat and wines from the area.

2 hunting days/ 3 night, full board accommodation and a Representative Beceite Ibex Hunting in Spain.

What our clients say about this offer

Beceite Ibex Trophies Classification

SCI Score Standard Bow
Bronze Score Ibex 69 62
Silver Score Ibex 75 4/8 0
Gold Score Ibex 80 1/8 66 1/8
CIC Score Standard
Bronze Score Ibex 205 to 219’99
Silver Score Ibex 220 to 229’99
Gold Score Ibex 230

Ibex hunt in Spain

More about Hunting Ibex in Spain with JJ Gómez Caza.

Conditions for the Beceite Ibex hunt

It is included:

  • Full board accommodation.
  • Hunting the specified animals.
  • Personalized attention with a specialized hunting guide.
  • First preparation of the trophy, hunting certificates, documentation of the trophies, seals …
  • An interpreter per group. Whole hunt day.
  • Transportation from/to the airport from/to hotel and hunting area.

It is NOT included

  • Extra personal desires.
  • Plane tickets.
  • Gun rent: €90/day , ammunition €5/bullet
  • Tips to the profesional hunter and his team.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Personal extras.
  • Everything which is not included in the programme.

Reserves and payment:

  • In order to reserve, the hunter has to get in contact with us in order to choose the date. After that, we will give him/her the account number in order to pay a quantity of the total price.
  • In order to reserve, the 25% of the total price has to be earn, the rest will be paid when the hunt finish. Until the company does not receive the 25% of the money, the hunting will not be reserved.

Get the award Ibex Grand Slam Spanish and Capra World Slam with JJ. Gómez Caza

We have years of experience and a large number of satisfied hunters who have satisfied to achieve their disere hunting award. Come and enjoy a unique experience with us without worrying about a thing.

Ibex Hunt Grand Slam

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To hunt the Ibex and achieve the Grand Slam Ibex Spain award, we dedicate 10 days of hunting through Spanish territory. A measured and prepared program for you to meet the challenge.

  • Southeastern Ibex
  • Ronda Ibex
  • Beceite Ibex
  • Gredos Ibex

Capra World Slam in Spain

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One of the most attractive and requested award in Spain is the Capra World Slam. 14 days of challenge fully measured for you. Get the most outstanding hunting award in Spain.

  • Pyrenean Chamois
  • Cantabrian Chamois
  • Beceite Ibex
  • Southeastern Ibex
  • Gredos Ibex
  • Ronda Ibex

Frequently asked questions about Beceite Ibex hunt

Who is the Beceite Ibex price?

The price varies according to the Ibex trophy you want to hunt. Contact us to request a personalized quote.

What is the hunting season for Beceite Ibex?

The Ibex Beceite is hunted from October to May. The dates with the most guarantees are from November to December. Check the Spain hunting season.

With which company to hunt a Beceite Ibex?

You can trust JJ. Gómez Caza so that we can organize your hunt successfully. We have years of experience hunting ibex and a large number of satisfied customers. If you decide to hire another company, make sure that it covers all your guarantees.

How many days are needed to hunt the Ibex Beceite in Spain?

2 days and 3 nights will be enough to take your trophy home.

Where is the Beceite Ibex hunted?

Near to the Mediterranean see between Teruel, Barcelona and Valencia. The nearest airports are Alacant and Valencia.


Enjoy Spanish gastronomy while hunting

In the same hotel you could enjoy of the best and authentic Spanish gastronomy, typical recipes from the zone, meat selection with the best wines and great quality ham, this is one of the strongest points of this lodgings, quality, peacefulness and good gastronomy.


Other complementary activities

If through your stay in Spain, you want to make a leisure and tourism trip for your companions or family before, after or while you´re hunting, we will take care of everything, we have tourism guides ready to your service, just let us know.


Typical celebrations and visits of Spain

Near of the hunting zone we can visit towns with tourist interest, in which can be do some guided trips.


Accommodation in the hunting area

The hotel that we have arranged in our hunting zone, is a rural hotel at the edge of the town, you´ll find absolutely peace, an exclusive accommodation with only 11 rooms.