Hunting Pirineus Chamois in Spain

Driven hunting in Spain. 24th and 25th of November

Driven hunting in Spain. 24-25 November of 2018.   2 hunting days / 3 night, full board accommodation  2,350€ We are going to hunt with 20 hunters. 10 places left. EXPECTATION:  130-150 animals in two days. Minimum for this offer: group of 3...

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Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain

Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain.   3 hunting days / 4 night, full board accommodation and a Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain without points limit included: 3.950€   Minimum 2 hunters. Companion: 600€, sharing the room with the hunter.  ...

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Terms and conditions for the hunt´s booking

        TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE HUNT’S BOOKING.                  Customer’s name:                                                                                                      D.N.I.:   Reserves and payments. Bookings can be done contacting with J.J.GÓMEZ...

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Ronda Spanish Ibex hunting offer

Hunting Ronda Spanish Ibex.    3 hunting days / 4 night, full board accommodation and a Ronda Spanish Ibex without points limit included: 3.950€   Minimum 3 hunters, independently of the animals each hunter wants to hunt (wild boars, roe deers...

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Roe Deer hunting offers in France

Roe Deer hunting offers in France.   Roe Deer hunting in France goes from the 1st of June to the 31st of August. Due to that fact, we can enjoy roe deer hunting in Spain and in other countries before going to France in order to hunt french Roe Deers. Because we cannot...

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Hunting Chamois in the Romaninan Carpathians

  Chamois stalking in the Romanian Carpathians. Hunting chamois in the Romanian Carpathians.   3 hunting days/ 4 nights with an approvable chamois without points limit. Group of 3 hunters.   The best date for chamois hunting goes from the 10th of octuber to the 10th...

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Hunting Beceite Spanish ibex offers

Spanish ibex stalking in Beceite. Hunting a spanish ibex in Beceite.   We have more than 10.000ha. in Beceite (area of Teruel), where we hunt the spanish ibex. There is a good quality and quantity of animals. We hunt from selective males to big trophies, just ask for...

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“El Pozo” driven hunting result (10th February, 2018)

  Hunters: 7   Dogs: 90   Number limit for harvested game: 2 male mouflons; 3 females muflons; no limit of wild boar, male deer and female deer.     Result: 92 animals: 52 wild boars, 17 male mouflons, 21 female mouflons y two female deers.                        ...

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Hunting big mouflons sheeps in Hungary

  Hunting big mouflons sheeps in Hungary. Hunting a mouflon aheep in Hungary.   We have 3 mouflons' seals which can be hunted during the 2017-18 season. This mouflons sheeps have 80-90cm horns, they are amazing. There is a high quantity and quality of animals, so we...

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Hunting roe deers in Hungary

Hunting roe deers in Hungary.  We have the best roe deer hunting offer in Hungary. The most importante thing in our offer, is that we give a personalized service which is really close due to the fact that you are going to hunt like with friends. You will feel as ease...

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Hunting roe deer in Spain

Hunting roe deer in Spain. Roe deer stalking in Spain. Roe deer stalking in Spain is one of the most beautiful stalkings this country offers. The hunter and the hunting guide walk over mountains and sowings looking for this small amazing animal, until an unforgettable...

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Hunting roe deers and wild boars in Hungary

Hunting roe deers and wild boars in Hungary. 2018 We have a really good offer to hunt roe deers and wil boars in Hungary.   Hunting pack with 4 beautiful roe deers and a medal wild boar. It is possible to hunt from the 15th of april, being the best date from the 15th...

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“La Loma” driven hunting result (Albacete)

"La Loma" driven hunting result (14/12/17), Albacete.     Hunters: 6     Number limit for harvested game: 2 males (red deer/mouflon) and females. Result: 8 red deers, 5 male mouflons, 5 female mouflons y 2 female red deers.                ...

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Ducks shooting in Albacete

      Ducks shooting in Albacete. Hunting ducks in Albacete. We have a beautiful hunting estate in Albacete, in where there are different ponds with lot of ducks   In the main pond, a maximum of 12 hunters can hunt at the same time. Post are going to be rotated in...

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Hunting medal Wild Boars in France

    Hunting medal wild boars in France.   Hunting medal wild boars in France is one of the possibilities we offer you. Fixed prices with total guarantees of hunting a medal wild boar. We have different hunting estates where the most demanding hunters can make their...

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Offer in hunting Cantabrian Chamois in Spain

  Offer in hunting Cantabrian chamois in Spain. Chamois stalking in Spain.   Chamois hunting in Spain. Our chamois are hunted in Leon, Spain, in spaces which are very neer to the Riaño's hunting reserve, which is known as one of the most spectacular places in our...

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Hunting pyrinean chamois in Spain is an exclusive and interesting hunting destination, which not only offers an exciting selection of game species, a number shich can only be hunted in Spain, but also, a fantastic scenary and hunting tradition that stretch back for centuries.


If you come to hunt pyrinean chamois in Spain you can expect great service during all parts of your hunting tour. The hunt guiding, accommodation and catering are all of a very high standard.


Rececho de Sarrio



Before hunting pyrinean chamois you should know that this specie resembles a gota, but in fact it is more closely related to the goral than the goats.


This animal is perfectly adapted to its way of life amoungst the steep mountain sides, in particular it has evolved to have soft hooves that allows it to stand firmly in this habitat.


In order to hunt pyrinean chamois you need to consider some points depending on the season you hunt it. In summer, it’s coat is light brown, while in winter it’s coat becomes very dark and thick. It’s most characteristic feature are the black and white marking on it’s head. Although both sexes have horns, the rams horns are thicker and more curved than the ewe’s.


The pyrinean chamois can be hunted in the Pyrinees mountains along the border with Spain. 


The hunting season is from the 1st of April to the 30th of May, together with the 1st of November to the 31st of December.


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